Our Services

Orthobiomed is working with many companies and contributing to many healthcare and medical projects today. With our professional Researchers and Engineers we are able to provide a wide range of services in areas such as product development, technology assessment, CRO and CMO sourcing, and preclinical and clinical study designs. Our services include:

  • Biosensor
  • Wearable Apparatus for Diagnosing Respiratory Disease
  • Bone 3D printer
  • 3D printer for producing plaque, prosthesis and certain medications
  • Exterior skeleton
  • Electroceuticals technology for charging wireless implants
  • Detect Alzheimer’s with a digital pen
  • DNA bioinformatics and computers
  • Make artificial eyes
  • Virtual reality for treatment
  • Virtual reality for training

The Scope of OrthoBiomed Inc. in Medical Research:

  • Joint Projects with Medical Research Companies
  • R&D Projects (such as Designing, Development and Manufacturing medical equipment and software)
  • Lease of Engineers & Researchers for Specific Projects

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