Medical Imaging

We provide various advanced medical imaging services including segmentation, clustering, enhancement and deep learning in medical imaging for CT Scans, MRI Scans, FMRI and microscopic images.

Types of segmentation and clustering inmedical images (MRI, CT scan, FMRI and microscopic images)

  • Melanoma diagnosis
  • Fracture area diagnosis
  • Types of medical implants Diagnosis
  • Red and White Blood Cell Counts and detect abnormalities
  • Type and severity of dental caries diagnosis

Improve medical devices performance

  • Changing the method of reconstruction or improving the existing reconstruction method for a variety of medical imaging devices
  • Decrease MRI imaging process time to enhance the performance

Variants of enhancement in medical images MRI, CT scan, FMRI and microscopic images)

  • Eliminates the effect of metal (e.g., platinum) on MRI images
  • Improved image enhancement to increase the accuracy of images